Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catch up

Crikey I didn't realise it has been nearly 2 months since I updated.

HEAPS has been going on since then (photo's to follow): In no particular order:

I turned 41 years old and got a new dress labelled by the shop the "James Bond dress" (you will see why - skin tight but gorgeous).
The kids went to my Mum's for the night and Hubby and I went to a very beautiful restaurant (fine dining) for dinner which I felt very spoilt and then came home and watched the rugby final............hahaha, we are such romantics.

Our youngest boy turned 7 years old and got a new bike for him birthday. He didn't have a party this year but we went out to 'Breakers' with the grandparents for dinner and the boys and I made cupcakes during the day and I also made his number '7' birthday cake.

Both boys are playing rugby with the youngest with e more 'natural' talent (or so we thought). Oldest boy has now really gotten into it and performs outstandingly every week. Got player of the day last week (love the below picture - look at the colour of his legs) and has been asked to trial for the rep team for the 'Spooner Cup'.....we are so proud.

I went to a Novelty cake decorating course (which was on the day AFTER my son's birthday - typical) and had a really good time and am now NOT scared of a piping bag.

I had my post-op 1 year check up in Wellington and weighed in at 64kg exactly (1kg under my goal). David (surgeon) was very pleased with everything I have accomplished and was surprised I admitted to some of my 'whoops' moments (but have learnt from most of them).
Met up with the gorgeous Jo and baby Jaynie while there (unfortunately I forgot my camera). Also went out for lunch with some old work mates which was awsome and then called into my old job to say hi (since I did work there for 15 years), hence it was very good for my ego seeing as they hadn't seen me in about 3 years.

Went away for a 'girlie' weekend with my 2 BFF's and we had a fabulous time, no husbands/boyfriends or children with lots of alcohol and good food......bliss!

That's about it I think.

Just really enjoying life and being more involved in EVERYTHING.

Photo's in no particular order either........


Anne said...

Update was about time girl - you look hot!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach - you look so great - still the beautiful lady I knew all along tho!
Pleased to see I got a mention in the girls weekend away.
Have found flight for the mission but the only mission is weather I am come with Glenn up in the air about going to live in NZ!
What a pain having an ex hub leaving me with the three kids - school time too so not much I can do will keep you posted!
Love you baby cakes - Jax

Sue said...

Sexy, sexy, woman.