Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catch up

Crikey I didn't realise it has been nearly 2 months since I updated.

HEAPS has been going on since then (photo's to follow): In no particular order:

I turned 41 years old and got a new dress labelled by the shop the "James Bond dress" (you will see why - skin tight but gorgeous).
The kids went to my Mum's for the night and Hubby and I went to a very beautiful restaurant (fine dining) for dinner which I felt very spoilt and then came home and watched the rugby final............hahaha, we are such romantics.

Our youngest boy turned 7 years old and got a new bike for him birthday. He didn't have a party this year but we went out to 'Breakers' with the grandparents for dinner and the boys and I made cupcakes during the day and I also made his number '7' birthday cake.

Both boys are playing rugby with the youngest with e more 'natural' talent (or so we thought). Oldest boy has now really gotten into it and performs outstandingly every week. Got player of the day last week (love the below picture - look at the colour of his legs) and has been asked to trial for the rep team for the 'Spooner Cup'.....we are so proud.

I went to a Novelty cake decorating course (which was on the day AFTER my son's birthday - typical) and had a really good time and am now NOT scared of a piping bag.

I had my post-op 1 year check up in Wellington and weighed in at 64kg exactly (1kg under my goal). David (surgeon) was very pleased with everything I have accomplished and was surprised I admitted to some of my 'whoops' moments (but have learnt from most of them).
Met up with the gorgeous Jo and baby Jaynie while there (unfortunately I forgot my camera). Also went out for lunch with some old work mates which was awsome and then called into my old job to say hi (since I did work there for 15 years), hence it was very good for my ego seeing as they hadn't seen me in about 3 years.

Went away for a 'girlie' weekend with my 2 BFF's and we had a fabulous time, no husbands/boyfriends or children with lots of alcohol and good food......bliss!

That's about it I think.

Just really enjoying life and being more involved in EVERYTHING.

Photo's in no particular order either........

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's been ages..............

Sorry, I didn't realise how long it had been since I updated.

Lots going on really. On Mother's Day after all the baking I did because the kids school gala was on, we went to the gala and I got some beautiful stuff (earings, bags, necklaces etc) for an excellent price and then we won a PLAYHOUSE. Yep, a playhouse! Hubby had only finished making their 'fort' not long ago and now we have a playhouse to go with it.,......hahaha. It was part of the gala, a local company (their kids go to the school) said they would build it onsite and then raffle it off at the end of the day. All kids got a book of 5 tickets to sell (which we bought 4 of) and then on the actual day I decided I would get 'just one more' and that was the one that won it. The kids love it!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day and got my present I had been hinting about - gumboots! Getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the kids play soccer and rugby on a damp/wet field is a nightmare but now I have my gumboots, all is good.

I have a niece who is going overseas on the student exchange program and her family need to raise $13,000 in 3 months so we have been doing all sorts of stuff to help. There have been hangi's, easter and mothers day raffles, trivia nights and a cabaret still to come..............busy, busy I tell ya.

I am also going away on a 'girlie' weekend with 2 of my faviourite people in the whole wide world (waves to Jax) to Auckland for a bit of shopping, a bit of nice food and lots of wine and bourbon......yeah baby! Can't wait.

I am also heading down to Wellington at the beginning of June for my 1 yearly post op check up. I am still amazed it has been 1 year (actually 1 year anniversary is on the 25th May). I still feel fantastic, I haven't had any problems and am still under my goal weight of 65kgs (currently 64.8kgs).

All's good (and very busy) in my world at the moment and I love it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weighed in this morning

Jumped on the scales this morning and I was 64.5kgs which is still 500grams under my goal weight which I'm very pleased about.
I have been getting on a couple of times a week just to keep myself in check and I am amazed that my weight is pretty stable now. I have been hovering between 64.5kgs and 65.5kgs which is AWESOME.

I have also made my 1 yearly post op appointment with my surgeron David Schroeder on the 16th June (Thurs), so I have taken Thurs and Fri off work and will pop down to Wellington and stay the weekend as well, which will give me over 3 days to catch up with everyone. I am planning to catch up with my old mates at work as well as my mate Jo (and latest addition Jaynie) on the Friday and then family (and a bit of shopping) on the weekend before I head back Sunday afternoon.......nice!

Kids have finished all but 1 of their sports and the next session stuff doesn't now start until after the school holidays....yay.
Mum is moving into her new house tomorrow so Andrew and I will be 'all hands on deck' to help out. I then have my 21 year old nephew and his girlfriend arriving from Australia (I haven't seen him in about 10 years) on Friday for a few days and of course school holidays start on Friday as well.

That's it from me, I'll try and get my butt on here more often as I'm getting a bit slack without having to 'update' my weight on a weekly basis.

One last thing - extra skin.
I have noticed in the last week or so how much excess skin I have and it is getting more and more noticable. My tummy and legs are really bad but I can hide that with excellent spandx/support underwear (my best friend since the operation) but my arms and neck look yucky, my arms especially. They are looking more and more wrinkly and it isn't attractive. I have been over the moon lately that I am now not embarrased to wear sleeveless tops/dresses etc but the further along I go, the more I feel like I need to cover up again..........*sigh* never happy eh???? hahahaha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess what I did today?

Its called a BIKE JAM

It is a fun (Yeah right!) bike ride for kids aged 5 - 13 years.
My oldest did the medium course 4.9km on his own but my little fella (6 years old) had to do the short course (2.3km) with a parent - namely me!
I figured it was only 2.3km, how hard could it be???? Ummmm it was a mountain bike ride not a road ride..........I have ONLY ever ridden on the road. I think we did it in about 15 minutes but it felt like HOURS.
The before and after photo's of me (on a friends camera) won't be pretty I'm guessing but I did take a photo of the kids.
It has been raining and the course was very muddy with puddles and lots of stumps and bloody tree's etc on the course....I was quite proud of myself for doing it as I thought it was quite hard. My little fella finished in the top 5 and my oldest boy was in the middle of the pack. I was very proud of both of them as it was their first time and they did very well.

The kids also had Muftii day with all gold coin donations going to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. You had to come in red and black.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I didn't weigh in this morning which is more than likely a GOOD thing as we have had friends from Wellington staying for the past 5 days and we did a bit of OVER INDULGING in food and alcohol and I can feel it.

I have been thinking about it and think I might just weigh in 'officially' and record it on here maybe every month? I dunno, I'll see how I feel.

Had the camera out on the weekend, so my 6 year old son took my 'at goal' photo's (which aren't really any different from the 9 month photo's I took a couple of weeks ago). I also took some photo's of the kids making cup cakes out of Reece's new 'Kids Cookbook'.

I also want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jo and J who had a beautiful little girl called Jaynie.

No particular order:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weigh in - G.O.A.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week: 65.9kgs
This week: 64.9kgs (Goal was 65kgs)
Loss: -1kg (-45.2kg total)

I did it, I can't believe it, I actually did it. It took me 41 weeks or 9 months and 17 days.
Not that you need proof but here it is anyway..............

I am so excited, I'm actually numb. I have NEVER in my 25+ years of dieting - EVER hit goal. I've come pretty close in the earlier years but NEVER hit goal.

I am sooooooooooooooo going shopping....hahahaha. Winter coat (and maybe a few other things) here I come.

I have also been busy baking for the Christchurch Earthquake. This kids school got a 20 foot container organised to be sent down and all the schools in the local area filled it with stuff (ie. one school did clothes, one school did blankets etc and our school did food (fresh - baked)).
I loved doing it because I felt like I wanted to do something to help but you feel so helpless. Yes I have put all the change and notes I have into collecters boxes and texted a number or name to my vodafone account to donate but it just didn't seem enough. Everyone I know loves fresh baking, so I really enjoyed doing that and thinking about all the families that are still without basic needs having some fresh baking to eat.

I also get a new car this Wednesday (well its near new - 4 years old). I am really excited because its the 'newest' car I have ever owned and it is a automatic (never owned one of those before). It is a 2007 Nissian Maxima SI Sedan and it is navy blue (I'll take a photo when I get it) and it has been a company car of a good friend of ours and when they re-new their lease's, he gets 1st option to buy it. I currently have a Toyota Camry Station Wagon which I LOVE but it is a 1997 model and it is now starting to cost us money when warrants etc are due. It also needed another radiator 2 weeks ago (2nd one in 2 years) which was pricey, so I'm hoping with this car having been a company and had all of its services etc, it should last for many years to come.

OK that's all my news for today, talk soon.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Weigh in

Last week: 66.9kgs
This week: 65.9kgs
Loss: -1.0kg (total - 44.2kgs)

OMG, OMG, OMG...................900 grams left to go until I get to goal!! I can honestly say I have NEVER, EVER, EVER been this close to goal in my life.

Feels good!

Guess what this week goal is????????????????? Yep, you guessed it.

Hit Goal weight by this time next week.

I know I can do it, I just have to GET THE JOB DONE!

I am so excited ------- can you tell? LOL.

I have just thought of something, what will my 'reward' be for getting to goal? I haven't even thought of it before as it was always 'so far away' but I reckon I should do something special to mark the occasion.
I cleared out my wardrobe yet again this morning don't actually have any winter clothes for this winter that will fit me. Maybe getting myself a winter wardrobe might be a goal (just need to win the lotto this weekend...hahaha). I would really love a stunning winter jacket, its always something I have wanted.....hmmmm will think about it.

We are going to have 3 days off at Easter (if we can get a driver, our normal guy is also having time off) so we are thinking of heading to the Wairarapa for a night and then 2 nights in Wellington. Will go and do the 'family' thing with my sisters but this time I'm not going to spend that much time with them (sounds horrible eh?), just a coffee and a chat and then off to our mates house for the remainder. My mates actually come and visit us and ring us, where I never hear from my family unless it is for a birthday or something, so I'm going to spend time with the people who I hear from and see and NOT feel like I have to 'do the right thing' (as my mother would say).........bugger em!

Right, time for a coffee..............bye...............